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Last update: May 2017


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Tuesday 30th May 2017

Roads around Victoria Station have now reopened and bus services are back to normal routes. Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience


Wednesday 24th May 2017

Quick update on the 27 and 73:

The 27 is able to get as far as Trinity Way, but no further into Manchester itself, as Deansgate and Victoria are still closed.

The 73 can now get as far as Ordsall, but no further as Oldfield Road is closed.


We will keep updating the current status of these services as and when the information is made available to us.


Thank you all for your patience during this difficult time.


Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Our thoughts are with the family and friends affected by the atrocious events that occurred in the city centre last night. It is heartwarming to see the way members of the community have come together to help support the emergency services and help anyone in need.


As a result of the ongoing police presence within the city centre, some major roads have been closed, meaning that Shudehill Interchange and Salford Central will be unaccessable.


This means that the 27 will only be operating from Swinton to Salford Shopping Centre, and the 73 will only be operating from Clifton to Salford Shopping Centre.


Once we get an idea of how the roads are, and local traffic levels, we may adjust the routes accordingly during the day, and once we have confirmation from Transport for Greater Manchester that roads have been reopened, services will return to normal.


If you have any questions, please call us on 01942 888 893. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to your journeys, but we hope you can appreciate the necessity to do this, following the severity of the events that have occurred.


Service Changes:

From Sunday 29th January 2017


Service 26 Leigh – Manchester

Journeys from Leigh and Manchester will be retimed to operate at 15 minutes past the hour in the evening


Service 35 Leigh – Manchester

Minor route change in Manchester City Centre due to Highway change


Service 132 Trafford Centre – Wigan

Following the Stagecoach decision to withdraw service 32 the following additional early morning journeys will operate:


05:36 and 06:36 Wigan to Boothstown (Monday – Friday)

06:36 and 07:36 Wigan to Boothstown (Saturday)


The current 06:33 and 07:38 from Tyldesley to Wigan will now commence 06:23 and 07:28 from Boothstown (Monday to Friday)


The current 07:48 from Tyldesley to Wigan will now commence 07:38 from Boothstown (Saturday)


Service 517 Leigh – Middlebrook

The route and terminal point at Middlebrook is changed to improve reliability (ASDA – both directions from & to Leigh).  The Saturday journey will no longer extend to Horwich.


From Sunday 30th October 2016


Service 29 - Revised as Little Hulton – Salford Shopping Centre

Service is revised to operate between Pendleton and Little Hulton estate only.  Journeys have also been retimed.

Download 29 timetable here


New service 65 Eccles – Monton Green – Westwood Park

Replaces service 61/62

Key changes, designed to improve punctuality and reduce delays:

  • New service 65 will be operated by MCT at peak and Diamond Bus NW off-peak

  • Replaces service 62 (Alder Forest – Westwood Park – Monton Green – Eccles section)

  • Departs Eccles on opposite half hour to 484 for Salford Royal

  • Maintains links from Alder Forest/Westwood Park to Monton

  • Replaces service 66 with an hourly link from Ellesmere Park to Salford Royal/Eccles

  • Introduces new links from Ellesmere Park to health and leisure facilities in neighbouring Monton and Monton Green;

  • Short workings via Peel Street/Albert Street and Wellington Road maintain peak journeys and avoids Gildabrook/M602 roundabout

  • Peak running time increased along Lancaster Road and approach to Eccles.

Download 65 timetable here


Service 71 / 73 (All journeys will operate as 73)

  • All journeys will operate as service 73 but continuing to omit the Eccles Road / Dorchester Road section of route in the peak

  • 73 – route and times revised.

  • Service to operate via normal route to Blackfriars Bridge, then via Deansgate, Bridge Street and New Bailey Street to Salford Railway Station; returning via Chapel Street to Ordsall and existing route to Clifton

  • Passengers boarding at Blackfriars Bridge and bus stops to Salford Rail Station should be allowed to travel across

  • Increased running time given at Peak times to assist reliability and punctuality

Download 73 timetable here


Service 293

Timetable revised to improve punctuality and reliability. Timing points amended to places with suitable waiting points, journey times increased to reflect traffic conditions in the afternoon.

Download 293 timetable here


Service 517 (518 operates Saturday only)

Key changes:

Monday – Friday:

  • Service 518 cancelled

  • Service 517 will operate Leigh – Middlebrook (Asda) and no longer serve Horwich or Blackrod except for two school journeys to / from Rivington & Blackrod High School.

  • The vast majority of journeys will operate through Middlebrook Retail Centre in a ‘Clockwise’ loop then via De Havilland Way and Parklands on return journeys to Leigh.  An early morning journey operates via Parklands prior to serving Middlebrook (07:25 ex Leigh)  

Saturday: current service remains:

  • Service 517 continues to operate Middlebrook - Horwich & Blackrod

  • Service 518 continues to operate to Horwich via Brazley.

* TfGM contracted Service 516 journeys early morning and evening remain unchanged.

Download 517 timetable here


Services 525/527, 534, 544

Journeys no longer provided by DBNW


Services 683, 684, 693, 694 – major revision:

Key changes:

Revised Services 683/684 Leigh – Atherton – Shakerley – Tyldesley

  • Service 683 operates to Shakerley before continuing to Tyldesley  

  • Service 684 operates to Tyldesley before operating to Shakerley on return journeys to Leigh.

  • Effectively, Shakerley has two journeys per hour. One journey operates via Shakerley before terminating at Tyldesley and the other journey operates direct to Tyldesley but returns to Leigh via Shakerley.

  • Journeys are co-ordinated with service 517 to provide a 15-minute frequency between Leigh and Atherton via Howe Bridge

Download 683/684 timetable here


Revised Service 694 Leigh – Astley – New Hall Farm – Tyldesley – New Hall Farm - Leigh

  • Service 694 operates with subsidy provided by TfGM to serve New Hall Farm Estate (Monday – Saturday). As a direct result the route operates via New Hall Farm then Tyldesley and returns via New Hall Farm before returning to Leigh.

  • Journeys will serve the New Guided Bus – Tyldesley Interchange (general services bus stop).  Effectively, passengers will be able to board along New Hall Farm Estate travel to Tyldesley or the Guided bus interchange and for their return journey board at Tyldesley or Guided bus interchange and via New Hall Farm estate.

  • Journeys will operate approx. every 30 minutes (it was not possible to secure a ‘slot’ at Leigh Bus Station at 30 past the hour therefore journeys will depart 00 and 34 minutes past the hour)

Download 694 timetable here


Service 685 - Revised as service 695 and re-routed between Leigh & Tyldesley

Service re-routed between Leigh and Tyldesley. Journeys will operate via Beford, and not Atherton and Shakerley. This is partally to reduce the overall round-trip time, however journeys will still take longer than two hours.

Journeys will operate via Tyldesley (Guided Bus Interchange) in BOTH directions to/from Farnworth  

We intend to secure departure bays and times to provide a co-ordinated 15-minute timetable between Leigh – Bedford and Astley through services 126, 694 and 695.

Download 695 timetable here







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